When the cares of my heart are many,

your consolations cheer my soul.

Psalm 94:19


Caring Hearts


Rejuvenating The Weary Soul

Over the twenty-four-year span Karen Boerger was in teaching and administration, she was also a caregiver six different times, each with a different emphasis. After her retirement, Karen founded Caring Hearts Ministry and co-authored two books to encourage and give hope to caregivers. Karen says, "Caregivers around the world face these same situations and more on a daily basis. The multiple challenges they face can be overwhelming." Her third and newest book, Blessings and Prayers for Those with Cancer, encourages anyone who has cancer or whose cancer is in remission. This small devotional book is a must read.




Karen speaks to small and large groups whether it's for retreats, workshops, conferences, or special events. She understands the emotions that come with being a caregiver - anger, guilt, loneliness, family conflict, and much more. Karen wants to help caregivers understand that they are not alone in feeling these emotions.


Karen will encourage, inspire, and capture the hearts of caregivers. "Through the dark valleys of emotional pain, God has made me stronger and more compassionate. He put me in the potter's kiln and fired me up for His kingdom giving me a stronger faith than ever before."



Caregiving is a difficult journey, but, oh, the JOY that fills your heart as you learn to trust in God's faithfulness. Trust comes from knowing Him. Knowing Him comes from spending time in His Word. As a caregiver, you, too, can enjoy that JOY-filled relationship.


Karen wants to tell you about it. Karen enjoys traveling, reading, music, embroidery, and playing with her seven grandchildren. She and her husband Marvin live on a farm in central Ohio.

Speaking Topics

Karen speaking at a caregiver workshop in Marysville, Ohio.

Presentations are 45 - 60 minutes long

"My Story"


Who would have thought that one person could create such havoc in a family's life?! When Karen's stepmother battled lung cancer, she needed round-the-clock help the last couple weeks of her life. One home-care aide who only was in the home once or twice ingratiated herself into her father's life after she learned of Karen's stepmother's death. Karen reveals the anguish, rage, and frustration that she went through after finding gross theft and battling slander. After three years, Karen felt it was time to forgive, but was it enough? What does God say?



"The Heart of JOY-filled Caregiving (The Emotional Side)"


Emotions erupt as soon as the diagnosis of a loved one is made. How does the caregiver manage those stressful feelings? How does a caregiver survive the feelings of being so isolated and alone? Learn steps to cope with anger, guilt, loneliness, depression and self-worth to achieve peace and radiate JOY once again.



"The Joy of Caregiving (The Spiritual Side)"


JOY is mentioned 542 times in the Bible...105 times in the Book of Psalms. By discovering the JOY-boosters and JOY-robbers in their lives, caregivers can be successful in finding ways to be uplifted during challenging times. Interactive talks using people from the Bible will enable caregivers to realize they are not alone in how they feel.



"The JOY of instant Stress Busters"


Some stress is healthy, but prolonged stress is not. Stress affects our thoughts such as forgetfulness, fear of failure, worrying about the future, etc. Learn tips and techniques that can calm the stress in your life. You can't avoid stress, bu there are ways to manage it. Stress management = Healthy wellness!



"The JOY of Showing You Care: 101 ideas"


This topic is based on Jesus saying "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me" (Matt. 25:40.) Through interactive talks, participants will learn that there's more to showing you care than a homemade casserole. With over 101 helpful tips each workshop member will be equipped to encourage caregivers and their families with a variety of valuable ideas.



"How can the Church Help the Growing Caregiver Population?"


Learn the many ways the churches can help the caregivers in their congregation.



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Check out JOY-spirations FOR CAREGIVERS on YouTube!

  • 36 power-packed topics that can be read individually or at random
  • Honest letters to God from a caregivers heart. Savor God's response
  • Hope-filled meditations that pertain to challenges in caregiving
  • JOYtoons - Uplifting, thought-provoking
  • Special tips to aid daily caregiving

JOY-spirations for Caregivers Features:

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